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Remote Leader Filter

From version 1.5.3 of Replikanto it will be possible to filter the remote leader Replikanto ID and/or account name.

The filters work when set only when Replikanto is configured to be a remote node in these two options:

The examples below will be shown using the remote follower mode for the internet, but they are also valid for local network mode.

Scenario 1: Two Replikantos are remotely submitting trades to you using the ES instrument. Knowing that each one has a different Replikanto Remote ID (@REP-LEAD-0001 and @REP-LEAD-0002) will make it possible to filter the trades to allocate to different accounts.

To define the filters that will be used in the window, you need to open Replikanto Properties, available in all Replikanto tabs (right-click on the Replikanto screen and select Properties), where you will find a section called Remote Leader Filter.

Let’s then set the value @REP-LEAD-0001 in the Leader Replikanto ID field.

After clicking OK you will see this filter at the Replikanto window:

At this point, only the trades received from the leader @REP-LEAD-0001 will be copied to the Sim102 account.

We will create a new tab to receive trades from leader @REP-LEAD-0002. We’ll do the same process as before to set the Leader Replikanto ID as a filter.

From that moment we can receive trades for the same instrument from two different remote Replikantos, each of which will be copied to a different account (Sim102 and Sim103). Remember that you need to know the leader’s Replikanto ID.

Scenario 2: The same Replikanto is submitting trades remotely to you using the ES instrument via two different accounts. SimLeaderA Account and SimLeaderB Account.

In this case, you should define the name of the leader account that will receive the trades instead of the Replikanto ID.

From that moment we can receive trades for the same instrument from two different remote account name, each of which will be copied to a different account (Sim102 and Sim103). Remember that you need to know the leader’s account name.

Filters will also be able to be combined using the two Replikanto Remote ID and account names in conjunction.

This is very useful if you have two or more strategies running on the same instrument on the leader’s side and you need to submit trades remotely to other Replikanto on another machine, and from this version you can separate the trades by confirming filters.

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Replikanto Export/Import feature

From version 1.5.2 of Replikanto it will be possible to export the list of Followers, local network nodes and remote nodes with all the settings selected so that they can be imported into another Replikanto window or tab so that the settings and/or nodes are loaded and configured exactly as they were saved.

To import or export, right-click on one of the 3 lists in the Replikanto window.

Below to import or export the list of followers:

File Format:

Account;ATM;CrossOrder;Ratio;Pre Allocation;Percent Change;Status



Below you can import or export the list of Replikanto IPs/Port from the local network:

File Format:


Example:;4547;Off;Second Computer;4547;Online;Third Computer

Below you can import or export the list of Replikanto Remote IDs:

File Format:

Remote Replikanto ID;Status;Description


@REP-W2P9-06E6;Online;My second computer
@REP-9SEP-4R2F;Online;Mickey computer

The export will generate a .txt file that can be opened for viewing and/or editing, after changes can be imported back.

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Replikanto Follower Guard

This feature was developed with the main objective of protecting follower accounts in situations that may occur during trades, which are inherent to the market and beyond our control, by disarm or in simpler cases visually informing follower accounts that they are out of sync with the leader.

Follower accounts will have 4 states, off (gray), on (green), out of sync (yellow) and disarmed (red). Each one in a different color:

  • Out of sync
  • On
  • Off
  • Disarmed

Disarmed or disconnected follower accounts will not receive trade copies, only connected (On) and Out of sync follower accounts will continue to receive trades from the leader account.

The check for synchronization only takes place on enabled follower accounts (On) whenever the positions of the leader and follower accounts are changed.

If a follower account has a position opened and the leader account is flat for example, the system will inform you visually by means of the yellow color next to the follower account. Yellow means that the follower account is out of sync compared to the leader account, but will continue to receive trades as normal.

Follower account is out of sync

With this, the trader will know that there is a divergence between account positions and can trigger the follower flatten button action or take any other action as you wishes.

The Follower Guard feature configuration can be access in the Replikanto Properties Menu:

In the Follower Guard group you will see all the available options.

In the first two lines we can configure our email address and the title of the email we will receive if one or more follower accounts are disarmed. You MUST configure an email account as a default “Mail” Share Service from the Ninjatrader General Options

In the event of an automatic follower disarming, you will receive an email just like this one.

Now let’s show all Follower Guard actions:

The next action that can be configured will be executed if the follower order is not filled by the market after the leader order is filled, it will wait 5 seconds, or the number you define to act.

The next action that can be configured and will be executed if the follower becomes out of sync with the Leader. Here you can also set a time for the action to take place (This action will flatten the follower account).

From version 1.5.3+ there is the action to flatten the follower account if it opens a position opposite to that which it should have.

The next actions (These actions will flatten the follower account) can be enabled and can come into play in follower accounts after a certain time:

Broker rejected the current order

Unable to submit order

Either the exchange or broker does not support order updates for the instrument in question, or the order has not yet been submitted

Order cannot be canceled now, but may be successfully canceled later.

The order was sent with an unspecified error

All Follower Guard actions, when enabled, will come into action after the set time and will disarm follower accounts if the Disarm Followers option is checked (enabled by default), later on we’ll show you how to disable the Disarm Followers trigger. When a follower account is disarmed, a message will be displayed, email sent if configured, and the account will turn red.

The Rearm button will be enabled after the account has been disarmed.

To rearm follower accounts, you can use the Rearm button, the Flatten All button or the individual follower account’s Flatten button (X). When there are remote Replikantos, the rearming of follower accounts on the remote computer must be carried out on the following Replikanto window, leader Replikanto cannot rearm the remote follower accounts.

Replikanto menu to enable or disable the follower account auto disarm
Replikanto properties to enable or disable the follower account auto disarm

The automatic disarming of follower accounts performed on both cases described above, it can be turned off via the Replikanto menu or Property Replikanto window.

Remote Nodes

Replikanto nodes will only show whether the node is off (gray), on (green) or away (red).

  • On
  • Off
  • Away

A node (Network or Remote node) will be away when it is detected that it did not receive the trade or it receives but return with an error (Log must be checked in all situations), but even if it is away, new attempts will be made, but the Trader will know so that he can take action to correct the communication error.

For remote nodes that are away, the recommendation is to turn them off until the problem is resolved so that the credits are not used up without the copy being delivered.

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Replikanto and ScalperTicket Integration

The Replikanto and ScalperTicket can now be integrated.

What encouraged us to make this feature was the fact that Replikanto copies the leader’s orders at the exact price they were placed, but in some situations we want all follower accounts (local or remote) to use the BID/ASK price to enter the trade. In volatile markets this can be a great strategy, as well as reducing rejected orders due to the price becoming invalid when Replikanto tries to copy the leader’s order.

This skill can be enabled in Replikanto and ScalperTicket 1.4+ can be used on the leader account.

On the ScalperTicket side there is also the possibility of bringing the Flatten All button feature from Replikanto to the ticket.

In addition to the Buy and Sell Market buttons, the buttons that use BID and ASK will work with all accounts, leaders and followers.

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Replikanto exclusive ATM Copy feature

Advanced Trade Management or just ATM is a Ninjatrader feature designed to provide discretionary traders with semi-automated capabilities to manage their positions. The ATM Strategy allows the trader to define the rules and conditions that govern the management of the position.

Almost everyone who uses Ninjatrader has used the ATM strategy to manage their position with predefined exits, so why not use this amazing feature along with the trade copier?

This is what the new Replikanto release is bringing, a new way of copying trades by adding the ATM strategy rules and conditions from the leader to the followers. By using this amazing feature, the creation and management of follower accounts’ exit orders will be performed by the ATM strategy and no longer copied from the leader.

There are several benefits to using ATM Copy, and we’ll introduce them all in this post.

By default, the ATM copy column is already enabled and can be disabled in the Replikanto menu or in the ATM Copy column for some specific follower account. Even if it is enabled, the user must select the followers who will be using the feature.

ATM Copy feature Enable/Disable menu

As soon as the ATM Copy feature is enabled, a column in the list of followers is enabled so that the use of the feature can be selected for each account. The triangle must be enabled by turning it green so that the follower account uses the same ATM strategy as the leader account to manage exit orders via the ATM instead of copying them from the leader.

ATM Copy column

In this example we see the Sim101 account as the leader using an ATM strategy in its trade, the Sim102 account is using the ATM Copy feature while the Sim103 account is not. Notice that the exit orders for the Sim102 account are being managed by the ATM strategy, in the orders tab we can see in the Strategy column and also in the chart opened to view the trade we have the brightest colors of the exit orders.

Price changes and cancellations of exit orders made by the leader are transmitted to the follower accounts, whether or not the functionality is used.

If the leader doesn’t use ATM strategies for his trades, even if the feature is enabled for the follower account, copying will be performed correctly, so it’s advisable to leave this feature on whenever possible.

As only entry orders are copied to the follower accounts that are using this functionality, we can use the Ratio and Pre Allocation methods more safely.

The quantity of the contract combined with all the exit orders will have the quantity of the open position guaranteed by the ATM strategy, and you will no longer be left with an uncovered position, which can happen if you don’t use this feature.

Let’s look at an example using the ATM strategy (MyWinATM) with the Ratio Copy Method using a value of 0.5, which will divide the contract quantity of the orders sent by the leader account by 2.

The Sim102 account will use the ATM Copy feature while the Sim103 account will not.

You see that the Sim102 account, by copying only the entry order, had the exit orders placed by the ATM strategy where the sum of the contract quantities is identical to the number of contracts in the position, while the Sim103 account, which is not using ATM Copy, tried to copy the exit orders from the lead account, but as all exit orders have a contract quantity equal to 1, this quantity is not divisible by 2 and so it was left without exit orders to protect the position.

We can make this same comparison with the Pre Allocation copying method. For both copy methods from version 1.5 it is always recommended to use the ATM Copy feature.

We can observe in this example that the Sim102 account uses all the partial exits available in the ATM strategy because it is set to use the quantity of 4 contracts for all the entry orders received from the leader. While account Sim103, since it is copying the leader’s exit orders, will only have 1 partial exit.

Using the ATM Copy feature with Remote Copies (using Local Network or the Internet).

Leader: enabling the Remote Copy for a Replikanto located in the same local network
Follower using Ratio with ATM Copy feature enabled in Sim101

After the trade was sent by the leader account with a quantity of 1 contract and since the ATM strategy exists in the follower’s Ninjatrader with the exact same name and configuration, the following trade was copied:

This feature can also be used on Replikanto’s remote follower nodes as long as the follower’s ATM strategy of the exact same name is configured in Ninjatrader. It is recommended to have the same setup as the leader’s strategy with the same number of partia exits and contracts, but this is not a requirement and different strategies can be built on each node.

One of the main benefits of this feature is that we will no longer have exit orders (TP / SL) copied from the leader without there being an open position due to the entry order not being filled on the follower account.

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Replikanto Stealth Mode (Advanced user only)

We are happy to announce the release of Replikanto 1.4.4 with a the Stealth Mode feature.

After several requests we are introducing in this version the Stealth Mode feature. Briefly, when using this feature it will prevent identifying the use of Replikanto by looking at the information recorded in the orders (Order Name or OCO). The downside is that the link between leader and followers are keep in memory and can be lost when closing Replikanto. So we recommend using it only when really necessary.

Comparing Regular Mode with Stealth Mode

Regular Mode

  • Link between leader and followers are saved in the following order name.
  • There is also extra information in the OCO field.

Stealth Mode

  • No link information between leader and follower is saved in the order.
  • Link information is saved in the computer memory.

How to enable the Stealth Mode on the Followers

  • Open Replikanto, them right click and select Properties.
  • Stealth Mode is located in General section.

Let us know what you think about this new feature. Contact us!

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Finding the unique Replikanto Remote ID

How to finding your Replikanto Remote ID?

If you are buying Replikanto and Credits together and do not have the Replikanto Remote ID yet, you can use this one @REP-XXXX-XXXX. When you run the Replikanto leader for the first time, it will generate the Remote ID that must be sent to FlowBots support team to be manually credited.

From your leader Replikanto, just right-click at the Replikanto Window and select Properties.

Replikanto Properties
The Replikanto ID

Early Replikanto version has a feature that will automatically copy the Replikanto Remote ID to the clipboard.

Copy to clipboard the Replikanto Remote ID

Your Replikanto Remote ID has the format @REP-XXXX-XXXX.

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Generating a Signed NinjaTrader® Machine ID

How to generate a Signed NinjaTrader Machine ID?

Following are instructions to generate and register your Machine ID for FlowBots Products License:

1. Go to the Ninjatrader Control Center, then click Help > “3rd party licensing”
2. At the “Vendor Name” field, input the text FlowBots capital F and B.
3. At the “User Defined ID” field, input any text, up to you, that identifies you or your machine, for example FirstName, LastName or CompanyName.
4. Press the “Submit” button. This will link your Machine and User Defined ID to the FlowBots vendor at the Ninjatrader license server.
5. Copy the newly generated Signed Machine ID to the “Signed Ninjatrader Machine ID 1” field at the checkout page or to the corresponding field on the machine ids page.
5.1. If you are buying 2+ machines license, type down the second Signed Ninjatrader Machine ID at the field “Signed Ninjatrader Machine ID 2” and so on.
6. You can now close the “3rd party licensing” window.

Unsigned Machine IDs are not accepted. Step 3 is required.

You can change the Signed Machine ID at any time after your first purchase in the logged area.

Any question, please send us a message