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NinjaTrader® Machine ID

Hot to generate a unique NinjaTrader® Machine ID?

Not applied for trial license

Following are instructions for generating a unique Machine ID for your FlowBots Product License:

1. Go to the NinjaTrader Control Center, then click Help > “3rd party licensing”
2. At the “Vendor name” field, input the text “FlowBots”
3. Input your First and Last Name, without spaces, to append to their machine ID into the “User defined ID” field. Eg.: VincentVega
4. Press the “Submit” button
5. Provide the newly generated machine ID into the “NinjaTrader® Machine ID” field at the purchase page
5.1. If you are buying 2 machines license, type down the second “NinjaTrader® Machine ID” at the field “Second NinjaTrader® Machine ID”.

You can change the Machine ID after purchase inside the logged area.

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