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Replikanto Stealth Mode

We are happy to announce the release of Replikanto 1.4.4 with a the Stealth Mode feature.

After several requests we are introducing in this version the Stealth Mode feature. Briefly, when using this feature it will prevent identifying the use of Replikanto by looking at the information recorded in the orders (Order Name or OCO). The downside is that the link between leader and followers are keep in memory and can be lost when closing Replikanto. So we recommend using it only when really necessary.

Comparing Regular Mode with Stealth Mode

Regular Mode

  • Link between leader and followers are saved in the following order name.
  • There is also extra information in the OCO field.

Stealth Mode

  • No link information between leader and follower is saved in the order.
  • Link information is saved in the computer memory.

How to enable the Stealth Mode on the Followers

  • Open Replikanto, them right click and select Properties.
  • Stealth Mode is located in General section.

Let us know what you think about this new feature. Contact us!