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Replikanto and ScalperTicket Integration

The Replikanto and ScalperTicket can now be integrated.

What encouraged us to make this feature was the fact that Replikanto copies the leader’s orders at the exact price they were placed, but in some situations we want all follower accounts (local or remote) to use the BID/ASK price to enter the trade. In volatile markets this can be a great strategy, as well as reducing rejected orders due to the price becoming invalid when Replikanto tries to copy the leader’s order.

This skill can be enabled in Replikanto and ScalperTicket 1.4+ can be used on the leader account.

On the ScalperTicket side there is also the possibility of bringing the Flatten All button feature from Replikanto to the ticket.

In addition to the Buy and Sell Market buttons, the buttons that use BID and ASK will work with all accounts, leaders and followers.