Replikanto’s Terms of Use

You must agree with this terms in order to use Replikanto.

  • It is your sole responsibility to monitor positions and orders of all follower accounts (local and remote) to ensure positions are closed and orders are cancelled. if there is a discrepancy then you need to manage, cancel, close any positions as you deem necessary.
  • You must ensure there is sufficient margin in all accounts to place trades.
  • The use of cross order functionality when using for a larger tick value instrument may cause a profit or loss greater than the leader account make sure to monitor this.
  • When using the remote copy functionality, take into account that all trade information, such as Machine ID, Replikanto ID, Account ID and all order data (order id, instrument, order type, quantity, etc), will be transmitted over the internet to another Replikanto. Only secure connections are used, including http(s) and ws(s) protocols. Communication can in some cases be delayed or, in remote cases, be lost. By utilizing this functionality, you will be aware that no loss incurred, due to any type of failure, can be attributed to FlowBots or its developers.