Average Price SuperDom Column


Shows an Average Price SuperDom Column with the true Average Price since your first position order execution. All filled orders since position beginning are used for the calculation. Details below.



  • Real Average Price (It uses all executions during the positions lifecycle)
  • Average Price included commissions
  • Display of the real PnL on the entire price ladder
  • Real time calculation
  • Show the actual real PnL with or without commissions (Currency, Percent, Pips, Points or Ticks)
  • Executions flags at each price level
  • Last price execution mark display

There are three different ways of calculating the average price; FIFO, LIFO or Average.

This Add-On will use the Average method.

The method takes all of your positions orders price executed and assigns it to the average price that will be shown.

The primary benefit to the average method is that it shows your average price since your first execution position, and until you keep the position opened, you will have your average price performance in real time.

The Ninjatrader will work with FIFO and LIFO and you still get those information on screen.

See how it works with this hypothetical day trading example:

  • BUY 1 contracts at 50,00 – Average Price = 50,00
  • BUY 2 contract at 49,00 – Average Price = 49,33
  • SELL 1 contract at 50,00 – Average Price = 49,00
  • SELL 1 contract at 51,00 – Average Price = 47,00
  • BUY 1 contract at 50,00 – Average Price = 48,50
  • SELL 1 contract at 52,00 – Average Price = 45,00

After those 6 operations, the average price is at 45,00 with 1 opened contract, 5 points profit from the entrance price (50,00).