Dueto Terms of Use

You must agree with this terms in order to use Dueto in all variations (Dueto for NinjaTrader® 8, Metatrader™ 5, TWS and Chrome™ Browser Extension).

  • The market data of the two environments may not be the same, which is the most likely, and orders may be executed on one side but not on the other, so that their positions may be out of sync. This is a normal feature of trades replication systems.
  • It is your sole responsibility to monitor positions and orders of both systems to maintain synchronism.
  • If there is a discrepancy then you need to manage, cancel, close any positions or orders as you deem necessary.
  • Using in simulation accounts with markets with only EOD or delayed data will result in abnormal behaviors.
  • As it is using a third party tool (TradingView) to capture positions and orders, any instability that may occur in this system, which is beyond our control, may impact the user experience with delays in data transmission, which could potentially cause losses.
  • All data transmitted between the softwares are related only to the TradingView’s paper trading account and are used only for trading purpose in the target account selected by the user.