Replikanto NT7 to NT8


Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 which sends orders to NinjaTrader® 8 Replikato add-on. Will only work in conjunction with Replikato for NinjaTrader® 8, so you can replicate your orders from NinjaTrader® 7 strategies to NinjaTrader® 8.


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It arrived. Now you can using all tools and strategy at NinjaTrader® 7 and all the orders will be replicate at NinjaTrader 8 accounts you choose.
A lot of traders have your setup working in a good shape at NinjaTrader® 7, or this tools have no plans to be upgraded to NinjaTrader® 8, fot those that this tools was developed.
Note: Will only work in conjunction with NinjaTrader® 8 Replikanto Add-on.

Release Notes

Release, September 10, 2020

Public Release – Initial Version

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